2014 got off to a flying start!

 Lots of spanking fun and parties, none more fun than when I attended one of my favourite clubs.

Please note this is written about me, not by me – to save confusion!

I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed administering ‘The burn’


‘Feel the burn’ for 2014!

 I headed off to the Surrey/Hants borders, to one of my regular BDSM clubs, where I am the ‘House Slut’!

A fun night was had by all… isn’t that what people always say?   But it was certainly true last night, even though it was a little quieter than usual, probably due to its proximity to NYE and people not having emerged very far yet from the tables they collapsed under that night!

My role, as always, was to be available to assist any guests and make sure they had a good time, so when I spotted a very beautiful blonde (female) Mistress sitting on her own, I went up and chatted with her.  I actually recognised her as Mistress Siren from another party at which I help out sometimes and, knowing her penchant for walloping upended bottoms, and having established that she was not accompanied by a partner last night, I felt it nothing short of my duty to offer her mine should she wish to get a little exercise later in the evening… not that I expected, in my wildest nightmares, that she might actually take me up!

But, of course… she did!

So, later in the night, I found myself draped over a padded trestle, my little black pvc skirt flicked up my back and my bottom presented for her attention and delectation… its only protection being a pair of fishnet tights stretched across its tightly curved cheeks and a wisp of transparent black panty.

I had the fearful anticipation of watching her draw out from her long, narrow bag, a rather evil-looking cane and then feeling it tap across both my cheeks… as I wondered quite what I’d let myself in for.

But not for long ‘cos the first one landed… WOW!!!

I’m not going to dwell on all the excruciating intervening strokes landing across my bottom as the count rose inexorably up to and beyond the 50 mark but, suffice to say, my involuntary gasps after every stroke would have been firm evidence for any guys and girls watching that I was being pushed to the limit!  When my lovely Tormentress broke through the 100 stroke mark looking as if she was just getting warmed up, I clung on in there with the happy thought that she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself… which was, of course, precisely what I was there for… wasn’t it?

And was I enjoying myself too?… of course I was… oh yesssss!

Heading towards 150, the endorphins coursing through my bottom were making the pain slightly more bearable even though I knew she was stepping up the strength… but, at last, when she took a brief break at no. 196 and asked if I was comfortable… COMFORTABLE!!!!!?…  I was ready to concede.  I asked her for just four more strokes to make a round 200… a much tidier figure to end on… so four more hard ones were whipped across my blazing bottom, whereupon I was allowed to get up and enjoy a delicious hug from this lovely and truly expert Mistress.

And as I clung to her, Mistress Siren told me she usually canes rather harder than that.  Was that a warning or a threat?… oh shit!  Not having been properly caned for a good many months, that was quite enough for me… but if and when she wishes to make use of my, er… services… another time, I can’t help feeling she’ll be taking a slightly more ‘serious’ approach… oh God!

Sitting here, a couple of days later, my bottom is aching rather erotically… a constant reminder of a deliciously painful occasion.  Deliciously?  Oh yes… a good caning is something to be anticipated with relish, albeit with some  fearful butterflies in the tummy… it will be experienced with fortitude and even great bravery sometimes… and if it’s done as well as Mistress Siren did that night, it will be followed by several days of achingly erotic feelings that can only be assuaged by continuous and  terrific sex!… Oh yessssss!… and by Heavens, it’s b….y worth it!  (I’m adding a comment here that, six days later, my bottom was still aching deliciously!).   So, to you, my lovely Tormentress, thank you, thank you and thank you again!

What is it that Americans say?… ‘Feel the burn’?  Oh yessss… I certainly did… and, days later, I still do!


Hard to sit down afterwards.

I have my work cut out for me with this boy, although he did bring me the most beautiful Roses and an apple. Neither saved him though! To follow is his version about what to expect from a visit to my Study.
  A review of proper Domestic C P from Mistress Siren

HI my name is Paul, I made a appointment with Mistress Siren, for very good domestic trashing, pointing out to the Mistress I was not into B D S M at all, just pure C P. Mistress did warn me to be careful what I wished for.

The first thing I should say is, Mistress Siren is a wonderful true honest disciplinarian & so so natural !!!!
Mistress really enjoys her job & goes about it with real vigour too. Has great technique using any C P discipline, including her hard, which turned out to be one one of the best stinging hand spankings I had.
I am more that a little surprised I have not heard so much more about this Mistress, as she is outstanding !!!!
In this session Mistress really came into her own, so to speak, using her canes. ( I could see Mistress in a well placed mirror )   I have not before met a lady who could cane so forceful and hard, with such brilliant exact accuracy. When Mistress canes, every stroke lands spot on where it was aimed. Though is seems, Mistress is aiming at a bottom about a foot in front of you, and, is trying to drive the cane all the way through yours to reach one in front of you. Mistress has a lovely snap of her wrist and twisting her waist to maximize the force the cane lands with over your bottom with. Its a bit like watching a top pro golfer driving from the tee. It really is, Mistress takes a little time to position her beautiful legs for complete balance, lining up the cane with your bottom, without touching or tapping the intended spot the cane is going to land on, so hard over your bottom.
On technique, Mistress hand spank me in a way I have never been spanked before. After making sure Mistress had covered ever inch of all my bottom , Mistress squeeze the crack of my Bum together and smack it very hard over and over the same spot, slowly moving down all of my bottom. This I was told later and found to be right, would make the inside of my crack sore and maybe bruise it too, it did just that.
As the punishment went on, Mistress went to some length to explain what each instrument Mistress was using and the effect it would have.
 Like this is ===… and it will feel like you are being hit by two canes at once, adding if I keep hitting the same spot just where the crease of your bottom is, it will really get sore !!  and did.
 This is a proper riding crop, effective I find.
This cane wont hurt much ( of course it did sting like hell ) and moving on.
 Now this cane is my favorite, it has a real bite to it, and, God did it ever !!!
There were other C P equipment Mistress used to good effect, like plimsoll, saying this warms up the bottom nicely too & the strap. This Mistress showed wonderful knowledge of using all of them.
Mistress Siren is also beautiful lady, with such lovely legs & they are lovely to lay over while being spanked. Mistress has really amazing eyes too. Well she is lovely all over, but for me they were outstanding beautiful, not forgetting
a Bum to die for !! However Mistress make it very clear, in session, there is only one person in charge, that is her and only one person is getting any C P and that is you.
Mistress Siren has suburb caustic wit, rather than just sarcastic, she is genuine funny. It comes to the full once the session begins.
It was a lovely C P session for me, I cant wait to session with the wonderful and beautiful Mistress again. Though I should add, it will take a little while, because my Bottom is so so tender and sore now still, and its three days after Mistress dealt with me, she is very good !!!!!
Anyone wishing to have a session with a true Disciplinarian, I would recommend, makes a appointment with Mistress Siren. Though be careful what you wish for !!
Mistress & I went for a drink after the session. Even more surprising for me was, I ask Mistress how she would rate the session in purely domestic C P out of ten , adding I would rate it 8.5. Mistress gave me a lovely smile, saying do you want to know truly, I said yes please, Mistress said about 6 !!!!!====== bearing in mind now, my bottom still hurts,
Mistress Siren is a wonderful lady, but a even better True   Disciplinarian.