I am Mistress Siren,  a  mature, curvy, classy,  blue-eyed blonde  with great legs . I welcome you to my world. A world where there is no judgement, acceptance abounds. I am articulate and highly intelligent. Be warned: I take no nonsense, I do not suffer fools. I am a traditional Disciplinarian – specialising in Schoolroom/Detention with the Headmistress, in a classic skirt, blouse, high heels and stockings , and Equestrian Mistress clad in Authentic riding attire. I do not offer any other role as it does nothing for me, and I will not pretend just for the sake of it, it’s simply not who I am. I am nothing if I am not authentic.

Role play is not essential – punishments are always a delight to administer. Your pain is my pleasure.

**I do this because I enjoy it not because I need it to survive – which I am reliably informed shines through.

I am a lifestyle Dominant, it is not a put on persona, it’s not a role I play, I was born this way.

When you attend a session  you will be treated with respect, courtesy and manners. I expect the same in return. You must be over 18 years of age, there is no upper age limit. I will work with you to help fulfil your requests,  and personal choices. You do get a say in what you want from your session, what is the point of doing  something you won’t enjoy? You do not get to choose my clothing.  You do not top from the bottom, once you are in session with me you are at my mercy, I am totally in charge. You should know your place. –  if you don’t then I will soon put you there and keep you there ! I do not shout as that is so unladylike.  My implements make my point quite well!  

You will not be rushed there is plenty of time, you are not on a conveyor belt, I always discuss sessions beforehand. 

This is your chance to escape the pressures of real life  for a while at least, it is a journey to be enjoyed not endured. I respect limits  so be assured you are safe, you will not be pushed  – unless I think you can take it. Make no mistake you will know I have dealt with you and will feel the effects for many days afterwards. I AM NOT AFRAID TO HURT YOU!

Corporal Punishment; If you cannot be marked., this will be discussed in full before session begins, as will any weak spots, and preferred scenarios. This is a relationship of trust. Novices, first timers and nervous returners are most welcome   – limits are respected  but pushed if I think you can take it.  I really  enjoy every aspect of what I do and get immense enjoyment from it. You will never  be considered just another notch on my cane EVERY SESSION IS LIKE THE FIRST FOR ME   – IT NEVER GETS OLD.

* It’s not all about pain, when you have a look around the site you will see I have other interests

**I look after the mind first.

NB There is nothing sexual in my sessions  – do not insult me by asking.